About Sportsguard

Sportsguard is an Australian owned and family operated company with a proud history spanning three generations.

Throughout our long history of providing the best custom fitted mouthguards available, we have taken great pride in our dedication to the quality of our materials and the expertise of our craftsmanship.

A professionally fitted custom mouthguard provides maximum protection for the mouth, teeth and jaw by absorbing the shock of a blow to the face while playing or training for any sport

Sportsguard is able to provide the best mouthguards available through our control of the entire manufacturing process. As the world’s only company to produce both the material and construct the mouthguard, nobody has the same level of experience. Sportsguard is a world class product manufactured in Australia. We ensure the highest standards of quality, proven impact protection and a history of innovation that places us at the forefront of mouthguard manufacture.

With 7 locations around Melbourne, Sportsguard is well placed to provide you with a mouthguard wherever you are.

We offer a large range of mouthguard colours and construction options, for athletes of all ages and playing levels. Whatever your mouthguard needs, we have the product to suit you.

Avoid the painful and costly experience of injury by playing with a Sportsguard mouthguard.

Sportsguard mouthguards are claimable under ITEM 151 for patients with private dental health cover.